How to Take Your Ride Into the Future

May 11, 2022 By Vishal Agrahari 0
How to Take Your Ride Into the Future

My father used to say that he drove his car until it fell apart and that some of you can choose the right vehicle. Vehicles can be just as reliable as the day they were purchased, even after logging several hundred thousand miles. The next time you see a new car driving down the road, you know the price they are paying for it, and you are happy that you saved money from that transaction. Here’s How to Take Your Ride Into the Future.

How to Take Your Ride Into the Future
How to Take Your Ride Into the Future

What do you think about it?

In reality, you don’t need a smartphone to connect Bluetooth. The majority of Android radios today are Bluetooth compatible. However, let’s say you bought a smartphone with the money you saved, and you are interested in making the most of Bluetooth by allowing hands-free calling as everyone else does. A playlist of your favorite songs becomes available to download to your phone. It is now important to have a radio in your vehicle that plays your songs. Additionally, if you buy a new smartphone, it comes with GPS navigation, which uses your data. Yet you still don’t have a backup camera despite these features.

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What are your options for adding these features to your vehicle without trading up or spending a small fortune on an upgraded stock radio? What about an affordable aftermarket radio that has all of these features? They are readily available. In some cases, the payment is lower than the average car payment, and in some cases, it is equivalent to the average mortgage payment. For us, the fairly affordable kind is the best choice. To get a backup camera or built-in navigation, you’ll need a touch screen radio. Despite your fears, you can operate a touch screen radio if you can handle a smartphone.

Can you tell me about the new ride?

Our vehicle is a 2016 year model, which came with a touch screen radio, Bluetooth, and a backup camera from the factory. Since adding a badge to the truck would have increased the cost, we could not afford the navigation system. We recently upgraded the radio in our vehicle with a new one with GPS navigation and all of the bells and whistles and have been debating whether or not to upgrade the newer model. In addition to having more options and a larger screen, the aftermarket radio has an attractive design.

What made us choose it?

Our teen drives a 2002 model. Safety features are the main reason for choosing it. Without cluttering the dash with excessive devices, we wanted Bluetooth for hands-free calling and wireless music streaming, GPS navigation, WIFI, and a DVR dash camera(okay, a dashcam).

Through an app or download, their music is available. Bluetooth built into the radio gives them access to their music through the radio. No more flipping through CDs to find that one song you want to listen to. Having to flip through CDs while driving and keep the device between the ditches was nothing short of a miracle all those years ago. Wow, how times have changed!


I think it’s okay to take that small step forward. It will probably feel good not to reach for your phone when answering calls. Connect the camper or any trailer with the backup camera and get it right the first time. With no extra device dangling from the dashboard, you can navigate to your destination. We have a built-in dash cam and a DVR with our radio. That feature won’t need any further explanation.