How to Add a Sound Device to a Computer

April 14, 2022 By Vishal Agrahari 0
How to Add a Sound Device to a Computer

Several sounds devices such as audio mixers, recorders, and speakers can be connected to computers using sound cards. Wirelessly connecting these devices is possible. Some widgets have a Bluetooth option, which allows your computer to connect almost immediately. Let’s learn How to Add a Sound Device to a Computer.

How to Add a Sound Device to a Computer
How to Add a Sound Device to a Computer

Using Bluetooth

Click on the Start button. On the left-hand side of your desktop, click the Start menu. Select Settings from the right-hand side of your menu.

Select “Devices.” 

On the left-hand side of your menu, select “Devices.” Under that, you will see “Bluetooth, printer, mouse.”

Select “Bluetooth.” 

Third, from the bottom of your menu, click “Bluetooth.” Once you’ve connected this, you’ll need to turn it on by clicking the button next to “Off.” If it’s already on, you can skip this step.

Watch for the discovery of the device.

Your device will appear on the screen if it is on and within range. Selecting it will activate Bluetooth if it is enabled.

  • Try turning off and on your Bluetooth and the device if your computer cannot discover it.

How To Add Devices Without Bluetooth

Activate your device 

Suppose you want it to appear in your device’s menu. You should plug the device into your computer before trying to add it to your computer. It is possible to connect your computer directly to a headphone jack or a USB port using an audio cord. It is possible to connect your computer directly to a headphone jack or a USB port using an audio thread.

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Open the start menu. 

On the desktop, click the start button in the upper left-hand corner. You will see the start menu from which to access any of the programs on your computer.

Click on the control panel.

If you click on “Control Panel” in your start menu, you are taken to a window. It is located at the top of your menu on the right side of Windows 8. On Windows 10, the control panel is the blue box in the bottom left corner of your screen.

  • To access the settings from your start menu, click Settings if your desktop no longer has a control panel. Click “Devices” in the settings menu. It is your second option on the menu. Go to the left side of your screen and select “Connected devices.” Then scroll down and select “Devices and printers.” If the devices are found this way, don’t continue.

Go to “Hardware and Sound.” 

You just opened the Hardware and Sound menu. There are icons for a printer and a speaker.

Select “Add a device.” 

You will find it on the left-hand side. The screen that opens will explain how to do that. When your computer searches for devices, this will show all the devices it discovered.

  • Try turning it off and on again if you cannot locate the device. Could you do it again? That is called “discoverability.”

Type in your WPS PIN. 

You will be asked to enter the WPS PIN when it is requested. You won’t be able to continue if you don’t join it. This PIN was provided to you when you bought the device. You must enter it exactly as it appears. For some audio devices, this information will not be required. You will be prompted to enter this information once you have connected the device.